About Us

We are a thriving, 'Direct Contact' sales and promotion company looking for energetic individuals who want to 'Reach Higher'. We have over 25 years of experience training individuals to excel in selling. Our main focus is selling newspaper subscriptions at the busiest venues in your area. Our method of selling is easy to learn and follow:

  1. Greet customers
  2. Hand out free product samples or...
  3. Create 'Excitement' with a quality "Prize Drawing"
  4. Give a brief presentation
  5. Close the sale!
  6. Earn $$$

Reach Higher! If you are a enthusiastic person looking for a part time job that can earn significant income,(Some of our individuals earn over $800 in less than 2 days!) Come to our job section and you will realize the next foothold is in reach ...Reach For Excellence...Reach Higher !